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Cover Oregon Affordable Care Act & Oregon Health Insurance Exchange.

Beginning January 1, 2014, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny individuals health care coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Therefore, Oregonians will have access to private market health insurance through Health Care . gov. Please contact Harry Waller: 503-754-8944
Starting November 1st 2019 we will able to shop for health insurance plans, and access financial assistance to help pay for coverage. If you need Health Insurance before Jan 2021 you may qualify for a special enrollment: If you lost your Health coverage in the last 60 days, moved to a new coverage area, got married, had a baby, lost your income. And depending on household income and family size, many Oregonians can expect help paying for their insurance with a premium subsidy or tax credit. Contact Harry Waller for assistance 503-754-8944.

To qualify for enrollment, an applicant must:

Be a resident of Oregon; and Not be incarcerated.
Be a United States citizen or national, or a lawfully present non-citizen;

As a " Certified Agent & Broker", Harry Waller can assist you during the enrollment process and help you understand the various plan options. What is important to know, is the cost of your health insurance is the same with or without the help of a Certified Marketplace Agent like Harry Waller. So Please call for assistance. 503-754-8944

HArry Waller offers a range of plans from private insurance companies and public medical programs.
 Kaiser Permanente, Providence Health, Moda & more.

 Choice: You can make side-by-side comparison that is best for you.

Quality Coverage: Every plan covers doctor visits, hospital stays, maternity care, mental health care, emergency room care, prescriptions, preventive care, vision coverage for kids and more. Some plans cover alternative care. Dental coverage is also available.

Financial Help: Through the Federal Market Place, more individuals and families can get help paying for coverage.
 More Oregonians can get insurance even if they already have a health condition — or change
to a new plan  if they already have insurance.

 Clear Information: For each plan offered, you can see the costs, and what is covered, in plain language.

Help: Our trained  agents are available to help you.There is no cost for a trained agent to help,